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The REAL you and why exfoliation is a great thing!

Three great reasons to exfoliate with a moisturizing sugar-based scrub once a week:1.  You don't want all those dead dry skin cells building up to create ashy skin!2.  Our Body Polish sugar...

A New Year, A New Beginning and Grateful!

  It's not often during the year that we get an "official" start to something new!  That is why I love all that comes with today,  January 1st.  On New Year's Eve, many of us reflect on what the...

Sun-dried Tomato and Pesto Torta

One of my favorite things to make at this time of the year because of its festive colors and delicious flavor is an appetizer made with layers of sun-dried tomato and pesto fillings!  The torta w...

How do I love thee? Seven Reasons To Love A Lotion Bar

By far the most frequent question we get about our products is “what the heck is a lotion bar”?Well, it’s solid.  And, it’s a moisturizer unlike anything you have ever tried before.But let me te...

Rachel's Plan Bee Turned One

            Even though the "official" anniversary date for Rachel's Plan Bee was August 6, I was mixing up potions and lotions long before I filed that DBA in our local county office...

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