Happy 2014!


It's not often during the year that we get an "official" start to something new!  That is why I love all that comes with today,  January 1st.  On New Year's Eve, many of us reflect on what the previous year brought us, but when that second hand passes midnight, we are invited to have new hope, new dreams and a renewed spirit to go tackle our next adventure in life!

Here at Rachel's Plan Bee, we are grateful for the opportunity to help people find a natural solution for their dry skin.  But it doesn't stop there.  We are grateful for the fellowship and happiness that the business brings to our lives.  We have big dreams for our little business and we love having a fresh start and all the excitement (and hard work!) that comes with it.  

With all the madness and rushing around that quickly ensues after today, we would like to stop and take this opportunity to thank YOU for being amazing!  Thank you for coming along with us on this crazy ride and we hope that you will stick around and see the great things we have planned here at Rachel's Plan Bee. 

If you are new to us here, then we welcome you.  We LOVE our customers and looking forward to meeting you! 

Thank you and let's make 2014 a great one!



P.S.  Follow us on Instagram as we begin our #365Grateful project today!  @rachelsplanbee  See you there!


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