RPB turns nine this month! The great thing about birthdays is that sometimes you look back and realize that the stuff you worried about and fixated on in the past isn't such a big deal anymore.

I clearly remember that a year ago, we were in the midst of a pandemic (still are) and knee deep into RPB's rebrand process that launched last October. My daily thoughts were overtaken with fear about what the future held and like many of you, I personally felt like so much of what was happening was out of my control.

After a long period of so much uncertainty and nine years into this RPB experiment, all of these things still ring true even more so today.

1. Less is more

Our simple skin care formulas are effective, easy to use, smell great and can be enjoyed by the whole family.*

2. Self care is truly 100 percent healthcare

As a society, we have gone through some pretty challenging times since the beginning of 2020. All these months later, we feel so confident in saying that taking care of ourselves is a huge priority for decreasing stress, increasing productivity and improving our overall mental health.


Can happiness be bottled up? We think so.

We create skin care with familiar aromas and beautiful textures that are inspired by happy memories.

Our formulations often start as a vision of what we want the product to smell and feel like on your skin.

We strive to listen more and continuously improve the customer experience.

We're on a mission to help you and your loved ones embrace a skin care routine that brings happiness, encourages you to take time out for self care and helps bring you back to what matters. When we take better care of ourselves, we are better able to care for others.


Thanks for being here!




*As always, if after reviewing our ingredients, you still have questions, we encourage you to check with your health care provider prior to making changes to your skin care routine. Our MINIS are the perfect way to try a small portion of our best sellers prior to buying the full size.

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