Two Body Polish jars by the pool.

RPB Body Polish is a must-have for July and the rest of the summer.

Here’s why:
  •  The top layer of skin on our body is replaced by a newer layer about every 25 - 40 days.

  • How fast our skin is renewed is affected by health, age, and environmental influences.

  • When skin renewal slows down, our favorite moisturizer is less effective because absorption can be blocked by a "barrier" of dead skin.

  • Gentle physical scrubbing can assist in removing our dry skin and help reveal the underlying "new" skin.
  • And this is why using a body polish never gets old. 
Is a body scrub part of your summer skin care routine?

RPB Body Polish contains organic fine grain sugar mixed with nourishing oils and shea butter to gives you both a scrub and moisturizer in one product. I think your skin will love it! 


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