Rachel's Plan Bee Product Collection

I wash my hands multiple times a day thanks to my kids and this is so creamy and never dries my hands out. I also love it as a body wash, but for my hands, there is nothing else I want to use.

I love the lotion stick! I was skeptical when it went from a bar to a stick, but it is great. I use it on heels, elbows, cuticles and weird dry patches that pop up on my wrists. It is perfect!

My favorite is the body polish. It keeps my aging skin exfoliated and moisturized. The scent takes my shower experience to another level.

My favorite is also the Facial Oil Cleanser. It removes makeup, mascara and sunscreen better than any other cleanser I have used and it rinses clean with water. Love Love Love it 

My current favorite is the body oil. I love how it keeps your skin so soft when using it straight from after getting out from the shower.


I love the scent! I use this every night on my feet. I also love to use a small amount right after I get out of the shower. (Vanilla Cream)


This Facial Oil is a must for me before I put on makeup. Makes that natural, but flawless, look come together.

The facial oil feels so luxurious. I use just a few drops at night & my skin looks & feels fantastic! I can’t wait to try mixing it with my mineral foundation to create a tinted moisturizer!


It really is the best liquid soap I have ever used and I feel so happy knowing it’s all clean ingredients.

I love your facial oil. I have sensitive and dry skin and this works perfectly! 

This wash smells so good + a rich lather + organic ingredients." 
"It’s like washing my hands in vanilla silk.

I really like the texture. Very soft and smooth.


I love your facial oil. I have sensitive and dry skin and this works perfectly! 


"The cocoa cream marries some of my favorite qualities of the lotion bar and the body butter! My skin is nourished, moisturized, and smells like a chocolate milkshake! I love it!" 


It is AMAZING. I'm obsessed with it. I've always loved cocoa butter but this one is by far the very best. Makes my skin look, feel and smell so good!!

A must have. It smells divine. I am so happy that this body oil is back. Never without it. (Jasmine Body Oil)


I have dry heels and I had tried everything and nothing worked. I got your lotion bar as a xmas gift one year and started to using it on my heels and it was like a miracle. I have suggested this product to several of my friends and family who also suffer from dry heels.


I just love your body scrub (I have the original scent), followed by your body lotion. Amazing! My arms and legs look so plumped up and healthy and I smell delicious.  


I love your face oil, simple yet very effective and smells delicious.


My favorite product, hands down is the original body oil. I have used this everyday since becoming pregnant and not a single stretch mark. It glides on smoother than any oil I’ve ever used which made it helpful once the belly got bigger. Truly a life savor and smells great too!!


I just have to let you know that I absolutely love the body oil you sent me ...The scrub is wonderful too. You create lovely things.


My absolute favorite product is the Facial Oil. My skin has never smelled and felt so good. I look forward to putting it in my face. I’ve shared it with my friends so they can benefit too.


I have only tried the body polish and oil and both were absolutely amazing…my skin has never felt better ..the scents are amazing. …Love love them both


My absolute favorite is the body scrub. My skin feels so soft and nourished after using it.


I love your products and hope you never stop making them. The Bee Cream helps my hands and feet. As a nurse I wash my hands a lot and am on my feet a lot. My feet have a burning sensation that the Bee Cream calms immediately when I put it on! And my hands also love the feel of your Bee Cream! Thank you ever so much!!!


Salt scrubs have dried my skin too much, and other polishes have been OK, but I've never had more moisturized and soft skin before using your body polish. And the coconut beach mix is the absolutely intoxicating.


Wake up in the mornings with my face feeling 18 years old again! Love the stuff!


Loving the mint polish! I love the fact that I don't have to use lotion after I use it. The oils keep my skin looking great! I will be a customer for life!


The facial oil feels so luxurious. I use just a few drops at night & my skin looks & feels fantastic! I can’t wait to try mixing it with my mineral foundation to create a tinted moisturizer!


I received my order Monday of the vanilla/spice body polish! Although this was an order for myself, I did choose the complimentary gift wrap so that I could see it firsthand, in case I order gifts in the future. What delightful packaging! I used the scrub Monday night....delectable! Lip balm is in my purse, but that sample of body oil that was included in my order........has sucked me right in! Used it this morning after shaving and loved it!!!


I love your facial oil. I have sensitive and dry skin and this works perfectly!


My all time favorite product is the lotion bar, the lip balm, the bee cream….ok, I don’t really have a favorite -- it all works wonders on my rough spots!! THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU


I love your facial oil! I took it to the beach with me and used it everyday after a day out in the sun! I use it last thing at night and again first thing in the morning!


I have only recently started using your products. So far, my sensitive skin LOVES everything! It is such a relief to finally find something that works and it is natural, too. Thanks so much!!!


There are lots of facial oils on the market these days but I'm glad I came across yours. It smells great, absorbs quickly, and leaves skin with a healthy glow. I've used it on clients with dry skin and also on clients with sensitive skin and the results are equally great. I also started to use it on my hands which can sometimes be on the dry side and it has really helped. I also love that it doesn't have a laundry list of harmful ingredients that I cant pronounce. Please continue to make great natural products that deliver!


I LOVE THE BODY POLISH. It leaves my skin silky smooth. I really like the citrus Creamsicle scent - the scent is just right. Rachel is so warm and personable and it is reflected in her products. It is the Bees Knees!! I am all abuzz!!                                                                                                                                       

I love everything behind Rachels Plan Bee! I use the facial oil in my kit to hydrate my clients’ skin and to sheer out some foundations...It smells divine! Can’t wait to try out the scrubs and butters! Keep up the good work!


I love the Lotion Bar, the Bee Cream and the Refreshing Mint Body Polish. These products have become my favorites.


I absolutely love the face oil! One of my favorite beauty essentials! I use it every night before bed & I’m at the bottom of my bottle! Love love love!


The moisture that lasts all day and all night!


This oil has become a true Holy Grail for me. It feels amazing on my skin but what I love the most about it is the scent! Oh my Lord, is like candy! Instead of applying it to my skin I want to eat it!


My skin drinks it all in, and it does not leave any oil residue. The ingredients are amazing, no nasty stuff, just pure oils that benefit my skin. Best thing of all? IT DID NOT BREAK ME OUT! Yes baby!


I started using it only at night and after reading some comments on the oil I began using it in the morning. I was a little hesitant thinking it would leave my skin too oily for Makeup. Boy was I wrong! It creates the best canvas for applying makeup.


My dry acne prone skin is loving this delicious oil!


I was a total skeptic when I met Rachel at the Fort Hood OSC. I’m a photographer so I’m constantly washing my hands before I touch my clients prints. The Bee Cream is amazing- my hands are no longer cracked. I can’t wait to try the lotion bar & lip balm. Thanks so much & I hope to see you again.


Just had to share that I love the Original body polish!! So yummy..I need to try your other scents!


So I recently ran out of my RPB lip balm (gasp) I know very tragic. I found another brand in a gift but won’t say the name but it also has a bee. (Wink) I used it and it lasted about an hour. Yes one hour. What? I can’t wait to get my order and have moist lips all day - ok at least 6 hours of the day:)


Received my box of goodies in today’s mail! Can’t wait to use the Citrus Breeze and Mint for You Body Polishes! I currently use other of Rachel’s Plan Bee Body Polishes and they are awesome...leave my skin so smooth. My hubby, Jose, loves, loves, loves, the lip balm and Lotion Bar & Bee Cream. Now the wait for upcoming Fall products. Thank you, Rachel, for wonderful products!!!


I love, love, LOVE the lotion bar! I have super sensitive skin, but I can use it right after I shave my legs. Thank you, Rachel


Your lotion bars are amazing. I use them on my feet, and they work better than any lotion I have ever used. My feet have never felt softer and smoother. Love the product!


Just bought this yesterday and it has already improved my dry cuticles 100%. I’m beyond impressed. I can’t wait to go back to Tiaras Boutique for more of your great stuff!


Hi Rachel! So this morning I tried the Coconut Body Polish I bought yesterday at SoFlo. I am completely smitten with it!! My skin feels so soft! Hooked for life!


Did you extract oil from magic fairy bee’s? I just applied my first ever Rachel’s Plan Bee face oil, amazing and quick results! My skin is glowing!


I indulge myself by mixing a small amount of whipped body creme with the body butter in my hands & massaging into damp skin after showering... lovely... smooth skin afterwards.. helped with my winter dry skin!


After a long, hot day at the race track, I can't wait to get home and shower! I LOVE using the Mint Body Polish. I always feel clean and refreshed after my shower. It gives you a nice cool feeling too.  Just what I need after a long day out there!


I purchased some of your bee cream and lavender body polish yesterday at The Tinderbox and I LOVE it!! Great stuff!!


Facial Oil is an absolute staple in my skin care arsenal!!! Love!


If you love sugar scrubs, then you will absolutely love this! My mother bought this for me for Mother’s Day. As soon as I got home I had to try it... I was completely amazed, AGAIN on how well Rachel’s Plan Bee products work. I have used the lotion bar, lip balm, and my favorite... The bee cream. I must say that I am now in love with the scrub. Thank you for your new product! I can’t wait till you create another great item again!


I love the original Bee Cream! I've been hooked on it for nearly 2 years!


I love Rachel’s Plan b facial oil! I’ve used it every day since I bought it at the Halletsville Market Days! Love your products!


Your products are amazing! I have the facial oil, cream and lip balm. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on different creams looking for something to moisturizer and not “grease up” my skin. Your products work so well and I love that they are natural and not full of chemicals. Basics are the best and your products really work.


I love anything lavender scented but Rachel brings it to a whole new level! I received the lavender mojito body polish as a gift and I love it!!


I am thrilled with my parcel chock full of your heavenly potions!!! I have been using the lotion bar and my skin is soft as velvet and the scent is to swoooon over... that light orange/vanilla/honey... The quality of your products far exceeded my expectations...You are a true inspiration for anybody wanting to make a quality product with simple ingredients... Phenomenal stuffs girl~~~~ smooooches to you.                                                                                                                                                           

When my hands were especially dry and rough, the bee cream made them nice and soft. When I gardened without gloves, the bee cream healed up my scratches and rough spots in a few days. And I love the citrus smell.


I have been using the facial oil and the other sample daily.  I love, love, love both!  I use the facial oil at night - smells great, not greasy and does a great job.  I now have a smoother complexion and a glow.  Please never stop making these products.....I could use them by the gallon. I have always had extremely dry skin and now I feel that has helped with the dryness.    


Tried the Body Polish this morning. I love, love, love it!! Instant smoothness!! Rachel, you out did yourself!! I cannot wait to share this with my friends.


The facial oil is so nurturing.  You are serious about only using 3 drops though!!! When I first started using it I would completely douse my face with the oil and end up so greasy. I’ve had to train myself to apply a couple of drops and then wait 30 seconds to see if I actually need more. I guess it’s just because I’ve been using cream my whole life and I’m so used to applying such a large amount. So my advice to all the facial oil users is to take your directions seriously.


I absolutely LOVE the lotion bar! My son has super dry skin around his knees and shins. We use it every evening after his bath and it works so well to soften and smooth his skin. The scent is not overpowering and does not linger. Terrific product without all the chemicals!


I have used your shea butter rich scrub and I love, love, love it. I am 67 years old and have extremely dry skin. I waste so much money on products that do not help me. I think Rachel’s Plan Bee has found how to combine natural ingredients to make products that really work and are SO luxurious yet affordable.                


What I love about summer: pool parties!  What I hate: chlorine makes me itch!!  Problem Solver: Rachel's Plan Bee Lotion Bar, Bee Cream or even Facial Oil! All work!!!!


I have given Rachel’s Plan Bee cream as gifts to friends and all have offered rave reviews. All of them are gardeners, cooks and work with their hands (especially in the case of an interior decorator who works with materials all day), and agreed with the fast-acting rewards that come from the creams. Congratulations Rachel’s Plan Bee, and may your success continue to grow! 


I love the lotion bar! It moisturizers my dry skin and does not leave my skin oily. I also like that I don't have to apply very much to my skin. This product is the perfect gift for anyone!


My daughter lives in Austin and bought me your Plan Bee. Your stuff is amazing. I have never had anything work this well. I am a cook and my fingers are cracked. I’ve tried everything - Bag Balm, Burt’s Salve, Liquid Bandage. Your product is fabulous. Thank you for formulating this.  


When my hands were especially dry and rough, the bee cream made them nice and soft. When I gardened without gloves, the bee cream healed up my scratches and rough spots in a few days. And I love the citrus smell.


A friend of mine, also from TX, gave me two jars for Christmas, and living in the North East it has certainly has been wonderful for my very dry hands! I have tried many other products but yours is the best...simpler the better! Thanks. 


Rachel’s Plan Bee Facial oil has changed the look and texture of my skin. I love it and never want to be without it!


There are many body scrubs out there, but your body polish is the best yet! It smells heavenly - I tried the Original scent. Your skin stays soft with no greasy residue! And, it does not cause a hazard in the tub like all the others I have tried. I plan to buy more for Christmas gift giving!! Thanks for another great product!! 


Hi! I bought your lotion bar at Cherrywood. I love it. I have just tiny bits left! So far the best thing I have found for my hands that are over worked and well used. 


I have super-sensitive Eczema-ridden skin and—I’m not kidding—this stuff works better than anything I’ve tried. That little lotion bar is kick butt, y’all. 


Just had my first experience with Rachel Plan Bee cream and am already in love. Actually I’m obsessed. 


Both Roland and I suffer from extra dry skin, especially during the fall and winter months. We always buy a product online that works wonders, but is verrrry expensive. Your lotion bars, I must say, rival those costly products that also contain ingredients that I can’t even pronounce. We are sold and will continue to buy your lotion bar as long as you continue to make. What a find!  


I used the Bee Cream on my cuticles and heels and noticed a difference over night! It feels good knowing that my skin is healing with all natural products. 


Please tell Rachel the Bee Cream is fantastic! I recently took off my acrylic nails so my own nails are in need of healing, I’ve been massaging it in and then on my hands, they look much better. 


I love the lotion bar. It truly has improved the feel of my hands, it seems to lock in moisture. My skin is softer and soothed by using your divine lotion bar.  

I love your lip balm!  I use it every day under my lipstick!

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