By far the most frequent question we get about our products is “what the heck is a lotion bar”?

Well, it’s solid. 

And, it’s a moisturizer unlike anything you have ever tried before.

But let me tell you why you should LOVE our lotion bar!

1)   It is super concentrated and when used after a shower, bath or washing your hands, it will LOCK in the moisture.  It will keep moisture in and dryness out.

2)   It’s loaded with skin loving shea butter, botanical oils and beeswax to soothe your driest of skin. 

3)   The lotion bar has an affinity for the dry skin you have given up on with your regular water-based moisturizer.  That’s right, your skin + our lotion bar = love!  :)

4)   Our lotion bar is portable, TSA friendly, mess-free and easy to carry in your purse or backpack. 
5)   Whenever you need a quick cuticle treatment, “elbow softener” or “ashy leg smoother”, our lotion bar gets high marks for solving those unsightly dry skin issues!

6)   The scent is natural (think beeswax + sweet citrus) and does not linger.  So no worries about it competing with your personal fragrance or if you are sensitive to strong artificial scents.

7)   Our lotion bar is made in a happy environment from natural ingredients by someone who cares about your skin!

Using our lotion bar for the first time can be intimidating.  At first sight, you think you have stumbled on a bar of soap! 

Our lotion bar is NOT soap.  It can never be soap, no matter how hard you try (true story!)

Take our bar and rub it in the palm of your hand.  The melted product in your palm can now be applied to your dry skin areas or the warm bar can be massaged on your freshly cleansed heels, knees, elbows, hands, cuticles, etc.

Now if you use too much, you will have a momentary greasy mess!  If you wait just a few minutes, all of that skin loving stuff will soak in. 

With practice, you will know just the right amount that is needed for your skin.  Product is best absorbed and most beneficial after bathing.

Try it for yourself  -- your skin will love it!

Here is your chance to get one shipped to you for FREE!

1) Leave a comment about why want a lotion bar or how it will help your skin.
2) Comments must be entered by 11:59 CST October 12th.
3) Only one comment per person.
4) We will pick five names out of a hat and announce here and on FB October 13th.
Thanks for being a FB fan of Rachel’s Plan Bee - your skin will love us!

No purchase necessary to enter drawing.

Update 10/13/13 -  We made a decision to give ALL 9 of our commenters that entered before midnight on 10/12 a free lotion bar!  If you are a winner and love our bar, please share your thoughts with family and friends.

Thanks for entering and congrats to Michelle,  Judy, Caprice, Daniel, Elizabeth, Amelia, RBHAC, Jessica and Gabriella.  Be sure to check your email inbox - details on your shipment/delivery will be there later today!

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