Even though the "official" anniversary date for Rachel's Plan Bee was August 6, I was mixing up potions and lotions long before I filed that DBA in our local county offices!  One thing I know for certain is that the leap from weekend hobbyist to maker of goods to be sold has been more fun and challenging than I could have ever imagined.  

I am thankful for having to work hard, sleep less and smile often during this past year!  I am also grateful for information and support gleaned from a variety of good friends, family and most of all my husband and beautiful son!  I definitely feel like Rachel's Plan Bee is right where is should be - not a moment too soon. 

The new year may bring more hard work and late nights, but I say let's go!  Let's do this thing and make great products that offer customers a natural alternative to their usual dry skin remedy!   I love helping people find stuff that works!

It's been a great year for learning, laughing and most of all gratitude!   

Love, Rachel


Rachel's Plan Bee Turned One


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