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Never stop learning. 

Today, I want to start a conversation on packaging and share some changes we've made over the years in our business.

This topic matters to us and to many of you for so many different reasons. Whether it's an environmental concern, safety issues, how your shipment arrives and even how a product looks on your bathroom counter. All of these are important –– and that leads me to one observation: talking about all things packaging is not easy!

Sharing the changes that we've made over the last couple of years is a great way to highlight your feedback (we're listening!) and also allows us to identify areas for continued improvement.

Since our launch in 2012:
  • We transitioned to a label company that uses water-based inks for our labels and utilizes wind-generated electricity.
  • Almost all our shipping supplies come from a small family-owned business that uses 100 percent recycled content.
  • We reuse/recycle every single biodegradable peanut, paper and fill that come to us in shipments. This is one of Little Ric's tasks and he loves every minute. :)
  • Glass: We're using more of it to house your favorite products.
  • Plastic: We're using less, but will always use some. (more on that soon)
  • Our Hand & Body Wash comes in a 20 oz refill pouch!
  • More recently, we re-evaluated how we send off your orders and made a few changes. Here are some of them -- no more packing slips, using more biodegradable peanuts, smaller (cuter) boxes, using recycled green-wrap to protect your glass jars.
We value your feedback. Your opinion matter to us. 

We are committed to never stop learning and will always seek out the best solutions for packaging, etc. that make the best sense for Rachel's Plan Bee and our customers.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Be safe out there!




March is here and for our long-time customers, it signals the month that our Butter and Cream will soon go off the website until late fall! The hot Texas weather doesn't play well with these wonderful products.

If you are new to RPB and haven't tried these products yet, don't worry we will save you a jar or two or three!

Rachel's Plan Bee - Reduce, Reuse, Recyle

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