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Are you a sugar scrub kinda person?

It's a question I ask at all of my in-person events because customers either usually love or hate sugar scrubs.

Over the years what I have come to realize is that the "I don't like sugar scrub" people had a bad experience with using one and never had the urge to try another one. I know this first hand because I was in the "don't like" camp....until I formulated one for RPB years ago!

Why exfoliate? 
  • Gentle scrubbing with sugar helps our body get rid of dead skin that has built up over time. The environment, our age and some medications are just some of the things that may slow down our natural process of sloughing away dead skin.
  • When our skin is routinely (once or twice a week) exfoliated, it's like basically prepping it to accept our favorite moisturizer!
So here's why it matters -- Your favorite moisturizer may not be absorbing to its fullest extent when your skin is not regularly exfoliated. 

And there's more good news -- Our Body Polish is a 2 in 1 exfoliant and moisturizer! On those days that you are in a rush, simply use a small scoop of polish at the end of your shower, rinse and pat dry. Your skin will be left with just enough shea butter and oil to massage into your skin and you can totally skip lotion/oil.

But here is the BEST news -- Our Coconut Beach scent is back! It's the perfect scent to scrub away winter and welcome spring. You can also get this scent in our Body Oil too!

Wishing you a wonderful week. 


P.S. Spring came a few weeks early in Texas and this is the last call for our 

Body Butter and Cocoa Cream

Rachel's Plan Bee Coconut Beach Body Polish Is Back!

Rachel's Plan Bee Body Oil Collection

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