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Think about all the smells that we encounter in our daily lives. When we choose to introduce scent into our living space or on our body, the decision is a very personal one. Some of us can't get enough while others prefer very subtle scents or no scent at all. 

When customers ask me why our Original line is based in citrus and vanilla, it all goes back to the story I told myself when I first created that first lotion bar for our son with special needs. In my research regarding the safe use of essential oil many years ago, I chose sweet orange and vanilla not only for their safety but because they took me back to my childhood. Who doesn't remember eating a "creamsicle" or some variation of this vanilla/orange treat? There is beauty in the simplicity of this blend and I knew that anything I made with these oils would bring more happiness and great memories into our household. 

When choosing what to add to our line in regards to a new scent, sometimes the familiar can be made new again! Today, after so many emails, messages and feedback, I am excited to introduce a new body oil with a favorite scent from our line -- Coconut Beach Body Oil.

Customers have told us that this scent (in our body polish) took them back to their honeymoon while others begged for a body oil for everyday use to remind them of happy times on the beach with friends and family. 

This oil has a very light coconut scent with fruity notes that will totally remind you of a beach vacation. It's perfect for summer and will only be around for a limited time + we have a special gift with purchase thru the end of May. Get all the details below!

Research tells us that what we smell sends messages to the brain and influences our emotions and memory. Some of us are drawn to scents that remind us of past experiences or those that help us dream about far away places. What is your scent story? Do you choose scented products based on feelings? I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback -- Share your story with me in the comments section below. 



Coconut Beach Body Oil Is Here!

GIFT WITH PURCHASE Rachel's Plan Bee Coconut Beach Body Oil With ShimmerRachel's Plan Bee Coconut Beach Body Oil


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