On the subject of kindness, it never goes out of style.

Hi there. How are you? I hope this newsletter finds you enjoying a little downtime this weekend.

If you spent any time in front of a TV or social media this week, you saw what I saw –– post after post about suicide and mental health awareness. It's a difficult conversation for many of us, but one that's so important.

I don't have all the answers, but after I read a comment on a thread on Instagram from another mother of a son with special needs, I knew that I wanted to share more about the importance of "being seen" in a world that is moving so fast with many missed opportunities for showing kindness. 

The woman's comment talked about her son with autism who has no friends or siblings and about her anxiety and depression about his future. Oh boy did this hit home. 

When I started RPB, it was my hope that by sharing our story and honoring Ric's "unseen" gifts, that I would help continue the conversation of what it truly means to "see" someone.
  • Kind words, small gestures and smiles matter.
  • These simple things send a message to those on the receiving end — “I see you. You matter.”
  • The need to be validated and regarded never goes away. It's part of the human condition to be seen and to be heard.
So this past week was a strong reminder that we should never stop sharing and talking about simple ways to help others be seen and heard especially those in the most need of our help.  #ISeeYou

We are all more alike than different and when all else fails, kindness never goes out of style. 

Wishing you a beautiful rest of your weekend.

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