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According to vocabulary.com, "if you plant a seed, water it daily and give it lots of light, you nurture it until it is ready to be transplanted outside. When you nurture a person or thing, you care for it and help it to grow."

If you've been following us for awhile, you know that I talk about nurturing all the time. I'm a little obsessed with nurturing -- not only nurturing others but also nurturing ourselves.

Today in the U.S., it's Mother's Day also known here at RPB as Nurturer's Day.

We are all nurturers and we've all had people in our lives that helped nurture us –– parents, siblings, extended family, teachers, co-workers, besties, faith leaders, neighbors, etc. 

Today we honor you for the care and love that you give your family, friends and furry loved ones! 

But back to this idea of nurturing ourselves too.

On the surface, nurturing ourselves can sound a bit self-centered. But that is so far from the truth. As someone who has cared for both clients when working as a healthcare professional and family members during times of physical illness and emotional distress, I know first hand the effects of not taking time out for self-care. 

With my whole heart, this I know to be true: When we take better care of ourselves, we are better able to care for others. In other words, self-care (of the mind & body) makes us better nurturers.

Wishing you a wonderful week. Thank you for being here!



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