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Cold weather in January brings with it dry, parched skin and here's why:

  • Exposure to cold, dry wind -- Whether you are shoveling snow, on the ski slopes or spending any time outdoors on a cold windy day, your skin may not be happy.
  • Too much exposure to hot, dry air -- On the flip side, if you are avoiding the outdoors and seeking refuge in your heated home instead, your skin may not be happy.
  • Hot showers -- And finally, during the winter, some of us opt for hot showers to warm up on a cold morning. Unfortunately, your skin can become dry, itchy and angry because the hot water can strip your body of its natural oils.
Keep dry skin at bay during the winter by incorporating these simple rituals:

  • Cover up (especially your face) when out in the blistering, cold wind.
  • Adjust your vents in both your bedroom and main living areas to avoid the heated air from directly hitting you.
  • Apply moisturizers that contain ingredients with good barrier qualities like shea butter. Always apply them right out of the bath or shower to damp or just towel-dried skin to seal in moisture.
  • Exfoliate your body twice a week with a good sugar scrub during the winter to help remove dry flaky skin and expose "new" skin that is better able to absorb your favorite moisturizer.
  • Stick with warm water in your shower -- your skin will thank you.
  • And because we tend to drink less water in the winter months (less sweating, less thirst), we may see decreased skin turgor over time. So remember to drink your water even if you don't feel thirsty.
Wishing you a warm and wonderful weekend! (Texas is bracing for a cold weekend -- brrr)


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