I'm writing to you today from Texas where we are grateful for our 40-degree weather with some much needed sunshine expected later today. Good vibes and warm thoughts going out to all my friends and family on the frozen east coast in the midst of Bomb Cyclone 2018!

We made it to a new year again and at RPB we were off to the races on day one. Our first batches of Bee Cream and Body Butter are done (and now shipped!) and I'm excited about the fresh start that a new year brings.

New year. New ideas.

I've had my head down for several months working on some new things that I will share with you soon –– but I'll share one with you today. After a quiet November launch of our NEW Hand & Body Wash, the feedback is in –– you are loving it! I'm excited to share that we will expand our scents for this new product this spring! 

Favorite customer tip for our hand & body wash: makes a great shaving soap for her legs!

One last thing –– Do you know what the most neglected area of our body is during the brutal cold winter months is? Our feet! 

Below I'm sharing my favorite foot care ritual to help your feet get thru the winter. :)

Thank you for being here. We appreciate you.



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