WHAT A YEAR –– 2017 will be remembered here at RPB as one full of gratitude, growing pains and joy.

Ok, so it wasn't all love and joy, but all in all, you made this year a great one for us and for that I am forever grateful!

As I look to the new year, I sense a feeling of hopefulness everwhere I look in my social circles. Today I'm sharing eight things that I'm looking forward to in 2018 and I hope you'll join me!

Thank you for everything. That is all.



I have friends that tell me the cure for all things stress is to periodically change up our environment, more specifically, spend more time outdoors! 

Many of us spend way too much time in front of a computer, at a desk, in an office or stirring a pot (of Bee Cream!). Here's to more time spent outdoors in 2018. 

Need a little inspiration? Check out Jana of @smallbitsofloveliness Instagram feed! She lives in Slovenia and shares some of the most beautiful images of nature that makes me want to go explore all the things. 


A long time ago, I read that we are what we repeatedly do. This applies to so much in our lives, but I particularly love it when it comes to laughing. My son has a way of making me laugh more every single day. When we laugh more, more endorphins (the happiness hormones) are released and that is always a good thing!


This is an exciting one! Who's joining me in going somewhere you've never been in 2018? Whether is a small remote town in West Texas or a faraway land (Italy may have to wait!), I'm putting this task on this year's list. I love learning about new places, finding out how other people live and what gives them joy. I can't wait to see the places that you and I will visit in 2018!  


I talk about this all the time and 2018 I will do more of it. Caregivers need reminders that they too need to be cared for, but often times, we must do it for ourselves. Life can sometimes be crazy 23 hours out of the 24 hour day. 

Together, let's talk more about self-care as a necessity and not an option. 

When we take better care of ourselves, we are better able to care for others. XO



Listening more is a biggie.

Many of the surprises that we launched this year at RPB were all because we listened to you!  And though we can't create and offer everything you send us messages about, we were excited to offer new things this year that made many of you do a happy dance!  #coconutbeachbodyoil #sweetpumpkineverything #handandbodywash :)

When we stop listening, we stop learning. We stop learning about ourselves and we stop learning about others and the world around us.

Here's to honoring who we are while still listening and learning from everyone around us.

True belonging requires "us to be vulnerable, get uncomfortable, and learn how to be with people without sacrificing who we are and what we value." –– Brené Brown, Braving The Wilderness

SIX: EAT ALL THE THINGS (even if it's just a small bite!)

The word diet makes me run for the hills and we are already being bombarded with that word because a new year begins the conversation of resolutions, diets, etc.

In 2018, I want to eat all things. Not just the sweet things (I admit I have a weakness to them), but all things that a busy life sometimes makes us miss -- cooking more with simple ingredients, eating nutrient-dense food, and taking time to enjoy it. 

And speaking of food, I believe that we all need and deserve a little sweetness in our lives. There are recipes online for everyone now (low sugar, gluten-free, vegan). Here are a couple of sweet favorites that I'm making for New Year's Eve. 

  • Mini Chocolate Cheesecakes (these happen to be vegan, but you can find many quick no-bake options online) I made the ones in the photo above pretty quickly -- the hardest part is putting them in the freezer and waiting!  

  • Candied Nuts (this year I'm drizzling a little dark chocolate over them!)


This one can often be difficult to communicate if words don't seem sufficient.

Here's the good news!

Communication is more than words. I'm gonna bake that cake, leave a sweet note, add extra emojis to my text and cook that warm meal.

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  - Maya Angelou 


For me noticing everything means putting down my phone, turning off the TV or shutting down my computer a little more every week.

When we spend more time face to face with friends and loved ones, we notice things we sometimes missed in the past. 

I will tell Alexa (Amazon's digital assistant device) to remind me every evening to put away my phone.

I want to mix things up in 2018 both in RPB and in life. 

I don't want to miss a thing. Thank you for being here.

Let's do this –– See you next year!!


P.S. Last year we shared our 2017 goals in pictures - Enjoy!


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