For me, the ritual of blending essential oils and making Bee Cream in small batches conjures up feelings of joy and nostalgia. But what does production really look like in our small skin care business?

On a typical production day in our studio, all is quiet when the careful work of cleaning, prepping and measuring happens. These actions are carefully recorded and the production process begins. During the stirring, blending, melting, whipping and pouring of ingredients, we take several steps to ensure that your products are made with the utmost care which includes the proper handling of equipment (glass vessels, stainless steel mixing components, etc.) and assigning batch numbers to each product. Each step in the process is important with our end goal to always create wonderful formulations for your skin.

In a nutshell, the description above is how we define GMP which universally stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. From a bird's eye view, it all seems very sterile and void of any passion. But that couldn't be further from the truth!

GMP is very important. It ensures that processes have been put in place to deliver consistent, high quality products. But along with all of those systems, we also infuse our heart for this work through our careful choice of special ingredients, our scent variations, our packaging and little extras in your orders.

So the next time you hear the acronym GMP, I hope that it makes you think about both quality + passion. We care so much about your skin and we promise to never stop learning as we strive to deliver high quality products that deliver wonderful benefits.

We love what we do and we appreciate your support of our small business!



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