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Our sense of smell changes as the seasons' change –– unless you live in Texas!

October should typically usher in cooler weather, but not here in Central Texas. Our temperatures have been hovering in the low 90's for the past several days with a remote chance of a cool front this weekend. And although social media says that I should be obsessed with all things pumpkin, my nose only wants to smell flowers. 

It is said that our sense of smell is altered in the cooler months mainly because "scent" molecules move slower in a cold atmosphere. So while I crave all the smells of autumn, I love that I can still smell the flowers during this warm October weather.

And speaking of flowers, the Jasmine Body Oil created in collaboration with quietly found a permanent home on the website earlier this week. Thank you, thank you to everyone that pre-ordered the body oil. Your support is much appreciated –– all orders have shipped and you too can enjoy flowers in October year round. :)
kimberlyloc x Rachel's Plan Bee Jasmine Body Oil

Whether it's beautiful flowers or pumpkin spice lattes that are trending in your part of the country, I hope that your weekend is a restful one!
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