Our bodies crave exfoliation: why the perfect mix of sugar, clay & shea butter
makes all the difference in a scrub.
Rachel's Plan Bee Body Polish

Soon after the launch of our business, a frequent comment from customers was “you should make a scrub!” I admittedly dodged those comments by quickly changing the subject because I was NOT a fan of scrubs. I just didn’t get the point of having another thing to do in the shower. To be clear, my only experience involved a salt scrub that just didn’t deliver on its promises.  

That all changed when I went down the Pinterest rabbit hole of DIY scrubs. I was blown away at all the types, textures, ingredients and scents. After spending a small fortune on ingredients and several failed batches, our Body Polish was born. I was like a mama with a newborn. I wanted everyone to know about it. We were up to our ears in different body polish scents at home and I was anxious to get it out to customers.

BUT, there was a problem. Along the way in my body polish formulating, I discovered all the reasons why so many people shy away from them.

Here are some of common reasons I avoided scrubs in the past and the reasons why our Body Polish works.

Customer: What’s the point of adding an extra step to my shower/bathing ritual. Seriously, why do I need to exfoliate?

Making the case: Exfoliation is the key to encouraging the removal of dead (and often times built up) skin cells on your body. Using a scrub once or twice a week helps get rid of dry dead skin and allows your body to better absorb your moisturizer of choice and ultimately be left with softer skin. Our Body Polish contains organic sugar and two types of clay to aide in the gentle exfoliation process.

Customer: I can just make my own scrub at home, right?

Making the case: Yes, you absolutely can make your own scrub at home! But I would love to make it for you so that you can enjoy the benefits of our special creamy formula that is easy to handle in the shower and not only exfoliates, but moisturizes your skin too. Our Body Polish contains a high percentage of organic shea butter and apricot kernel oil leaving you with soft skin after your shower. Many times you can skip body oil or lotion on the days you use your Body Polish.

Customer: It takes forever to rinse off all the scrub and makes a mess in my shower.

Making the case: Scrubs made with various types of ingredients can make for extra work in the shower. The special texture of our Body Polish and the inclusion of clay makes it easier and more enjoyable to use. And a little goes a long way!

When formulating our Body Polish I considered all of the above points and worked hard to create a scrub that you would love adding to your skin care ritual.


If you are new to our polishes, I can't wait for you to try them. If you are a current customer, I would love to have your feedback!

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I see soft skin in your future! 

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  • I’m totally crazy about the body oil. But will be nice to discover others products :-)

    nancy G. on

  • I would buy the body oil and bee cream

    helenlam on

  • Rachel’s body polish and body oil have been such a huge game changer for me! I don’t have a lot of time in the mornings and I would often head off to work in a rush and have no time to put on lotion. In the dry climate I live in here in Colorado, that is a big no no. I would be miserable all day and go home with itchy dry skin that wasn’t curable with late afternoon lotion. The body oil is so fast and convenient and the scrub is packed with hydration as well. I no longer use anything else.

    Lizzi on

  • I would love to try the facial oil and body oil.

    Li Na on

  • I need stock up on the amazing face oil and would love to try your scrub!

    Courtney T. on

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