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February is the perfect month to talk about taking time out to nurture and love your skin. I am not one for all the candy hearts and stuff, but I do like that we get a whole month that focuses on love.

One of the most frequent questions that I get asked during the winter months is "Will your products make my skin soft?" I love this question. The answer may seem like an easy one, but making the case for soft skin can sometimes be difficult. Many times you may be looking for a quick fix -- something that works, smells good and doesn't take much time. Our most asked question gives me the opportunity to talk about why less is more and why slowing down to take care your skin will bring unexpected benefits.

Long before we started the business, when our son was just a baby, I spent an great amount of time re-learning what I thought I already knew. He forced us to slow down, pay attention to the little things and ultimately changed the way I viewed taking care of our skin. Products that have happy aromas and contain simple nourishing ingredients can help stop the rushing around that we are all guilty of if even for just a few minutes to take in the sensory experience.

There are no hard and fast rules in taking care of our skin, but one thing I do know is that we all deserve time to do things that bring us more joy and less stress. Because using our products requires a little extra time (our Lotion Bar is a great example), I truly believe that happy skin is in your future and that soft skin is a bonus!

Slow down. Nurture your body. Celebrate the little things.
Love your skin.




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