For those of you new to Rachel's Plan Bee, the birth of our son several years ago allowed us to explore a whole new world forcing us to slow down and have a deep appreciation for the simple things in life.

Once a year, people around the world celebrate the gift of human beings that are born with a little extra spark.

Today we celebrate our son!

Little Ric... in details

  • He is the inspiration for Rachel’s Plan Bee.
  • He owns 8 musical instruments.
  • There are 10,342 Lego pieces in his room.
  • He has visited 9 US states and NY is on his short list.
  • This boy loves exploring hotels.
  • Bruno Mars is his jam and would absolutely die if he was in his presence.
  • Basketball is his passion and can shoot free throws almost better than his dad.
  • He is obsessed with home renovation videos.
  • Halloween & Christmas as his favorite holidays in that order.
  • He lives to eat avocados.
  • Ace is his furry BFF that loves him to pieces.
  • Mom and Dad can't get enough of him.
  • He has one bad word, sh*t and uses it appropriately when frustrated.
  • The boy is better at taking iPhone photos than I or his Dad.
  • He voluntarily has become our master shipper at Rachel's Plan Bee.
  • His daily mission: make us laugh out loud.
  • He has a heart so big that it could burst at any moment.
  • And he happens to have 3 copies of his 21st chromosome!!

The essence of a human is not defined by their diagnosis, but rather by how they live and what they contribute to our world. It's all about the little things. Don't miss them.

Happy World Down Syndrome Awareness Day to the 6 million people that have it and to all those that love someone with it.

We are on a mission to help our customers find happiness in the simple pleasures of everyday life. Love your skin.

Thank you for being part of Rachel's Plan Bee!


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