Starting off a new year always seems like the beginning of....well, you know, the beginning of something. 

But in reality, a new year is like any other year when it comes to our priorities, our goals and our dreams. Those things matter all year long and not just when January 1st comes around.

One of the most important priorities that leads to more happiness, more goals met and more dreams fulfilled is taking good care of ourselves. Whether you are a young woman moving into your first apartment, a brand new parent or someone retiring from a job that occupied several years of your life, you deserve to spend time loving yourself now.

Being a mom to a son with special needs made it difficult to think about taking care of myself. It took several years to realize that if I didn't do it, our lives would slowly fall apart (on a daily basis)! Our happiness and our daily life is on track when I give time to myself.

So whether you have a few minutes or a few hours a day, here are 6 ways to love yourself now.

    Wake up 30 minutes early (before the world is calling your name).
    Spend that time doing something you love to do. Waking up early can be a game changer for most people and gives you time to find your way back to what gives you joy. So tomorrow set an alarm and do it!

    Take a bath.
    Sounds simple, but have you done it lately or ever? Set the stage with some great music, aromatic bath salts and a candle. It doesn't have to be pretty or fancy - set the time aside and see how soaking in warm water can help clear and calm your mind.

    Get outside.
    Whether it's hot, cold or beautiful weather where you live, just a few minutes outside digging up dirt (you don't have to plant anything - just dig), walking the dog or sitting for a few minutes quietly on your balcony or porch can energize you for the repetitious tasks of daily life.

    Sing or hum in the shower.
    May sound silly, but everyone has their favorite song.  Singing it loud and proud can give you big boost. There is no way on earth you will come out of that shower frowning after singing this one


    Get in the kitchen.
    Turn up the music and make something. For those of you that don't cook, there is something about working with your hands and chopping up a salad or making a smoothie (here are some great ones) that will rev up your brain to focus on other chores that aren't so much fun.      

    Keep a gratitude journal.
    Spend 5 minutes at the end of every day jotting down several things that helped you get through that day. You will look back at those entries and understand why the every day things in life can sometimes bring you the most happiness. Here are some great apps for your android or iPhone to easily begin your journal.

    So get to it -- grab and embrace every moment!  Remember, it's all about the little things.



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    • Thank you for this! I committed to getting more rest like taking a power nap or long one once during the weekend.

      Cora on

    • great suggestions Rachel, especially the 30 minutes of peace in the morning, alone with yourself. Love it.

      Anne on

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