Goodbye dead skin cells. Hello bright new skin!

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Lavender Spirit Body Polish


So what’s with the cold/warm/cold days in the past several weeks?  Central Texans aren’t fooled that easily.  Warmer weather is coming soon to stay and with it, the desire for smooth, moisturized skin!  

(Cue the music)  In comes our Body Polish – the perfect solution to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring! 

A build up of dry dead cells on our body makes skin dull, itchy and downright uncomfortable. Dead skin cells can take up to 75 days to fall off of our bodies! 

We can speed up that process through the use of a body polish/scrub weekly to reveal bright new skin that is hiding underneath begging to come out!  This new skin is then prepped to accept a moisturizer like shea butter than will help lock-in moisture.

Rachel’s Plan Bee Body Polish is like a 2-for-1 in that you get gentle exfoliation + a combination of perfect moisturizers to leave you with soft skin. 

                        SUGAR – nature’s natural exfoliator; also known as small little round particles that happily
                        scrub off your dead skin cells.

                        SHEA BUTTER – a powerhouse moisturizer packed with Vitamin A that also acts as a
                        natural barrier to lock-in moisture. 

So basically when you exfoliate weekly, you get new skin and a new you ready to conquer the sun, wind and other skin irritants that come your way!

Have you tried our Body Polish?  We would love to hear your feedback!

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