5 Reasons Your Child Will Love A Lotion Bar

lotion bar

Several years ago while trying to find a natural moisturizer for my son, I came to the realization that no product would ever be perfect!  The search to find a product with ingredients that I would be happy with inspired me to just make it myself.  That road led me to the present - Rachel’s Plan Bee.  What I didn’t know in the beginning was how much children would LOVE our Lotion Bar!

I set out on a mission to question parents I had given Lotion Bars to as to why they think their children enjoyed using our products and this is what I discovered.

1.  The lotion bar is different from anything they had ever used and that peaked the interest of their children.

2.  The bar isn’t COLD and STICKY like regular lotion that comes out of a pump bottle.

3.  The lotion bar worked!  No more dry, itchy skin with consistent use.

4.  Children enjoy having a little jar with their own lotion bar in it!

5.  And finally, most parents agreed that the children viewed using the lotion bar as fun!

If you are struggling with finding a natural moisturizer that will work on your child’s dry skin and one they will be excited to use, we would love for you to give our Lotion Bar a try! 


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