Do you remember the big lotion container with a pump that your mom used when you were a kid?  Or maybe your family was addicted to a thick petroleum based concoction.  Whatever it was, those early introductions are etched in our brains.  Most of us grab for the familiar - almost like a comfort food for your skin!

Navigating the current market for moisturizers can be overwhelming and most of us give up and reach for the same product time and time again.

When there are so many products to choose from, why choose an all natural product that is not made by one by one of the big box brands? 

Here are a few great reasons:

  • The label is easy to read and likely has fewer ingredients than most regular moisturizers.
  • You feel good about what you are putting on your skin - no synthetics, no fillers, no junk - just pure, good stuff!
  • When you buy products from a small business, you are more likely to be getting a fresh product!
  • The product actually expires -- which means you can't keep it forever.  That is great news for your skin.  Products that are manufactured to NEVER expire should make you wonder what exactly is in those jars! 
  • Products are usually handcrafted by a real person who is passionate about his/her work.
  • You might just be supporting someone's dream to have their own small business!
  • And I almost forgot -- the products work just as well and most times EVEN BETTER than your old standby!

So next time you are at your local grocery store, farmer's market, salon, spa or boutique, I hope you will give that all natural product made by a small business another look.  You and your skin just might be surprised and think "Where have you been all my life?".

Happy shopping :)


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