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Dry Brush

Our dry brush has bristles stiff enough to be effective yet soft enough to not irritate the skin when properly used.

Dry brushing is a great way to exfoliate the skin. The process is invigorating and may assist in increasing circulation on the surface of your skin and help improve lymphatic drainage.

  • Best used on dry skin right before bathing.

  • Use light pressure to brush the skin in a sweeping motion starting at your feet and working up your body.

  • Some believe that the brushing motion should always move in the direction of your heart.

  • Whatever you do, be very gentle at first and with time you will know the perfect amount of pressure to apply while brushing your skin.

  • NEVER brush broken, irritated skin. 

Large - 9.75" long

Small - 7.5" long

Read more on the truth about dry brushing here.

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