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Slow down. Nurture your body. Celebrate the little things.


What began as a tiny heart-shaped lotion bar to soothe my son’s dry skin evolved into a “Plan Bee” for my life.

My journey into creating skincare products began in 2001 after the birth of my son, Ric. Born with special needs, Little Ric inspired me to reimagine everything it meant to take care of a baby — and my family.

In the kitchen, my husband and I embraced handmade, making fresh baby food to keep Little Ric’s health challenges in check. By paying careful attention to ingredients and eliminating foods that complicated his little system, we began to feel more confident in navigating our new lives as parents.

One challenge we weren’t prepared for, though, was finding a natural solution to relieve Little Ric’s very dry skin. Nearly 15 years ago, the availability of truly natural, gentle products was slim, and Little Ric’s dry, sensitive skin reacted to everything.

Using my experience in the kitchen and tapping into my formal education and experience as a healthcare professional, I began experimenting with gentle recipes that could nourish Little Ric’s skin. After several months of trial and error, I created a simple solution: a heart-shaped lotion bar. It saved his skin.

That lotion bar was the beginning of many things for our family. Besides bringing relief and comfort to Little Ric’s dry skin, it brought us even closer together.

Just imagine: Using a lotion bar requires time. Slowing down. Nurturing the body.

Every evening after bath time, we glided that heart-shaped lotion bar over our son’s skin, letting every bit of moisture absorb while offering touches of love and creating precious memories.

It was in this nightly ritual that I learned how to embrace unexpected journeys and celebrate the tender moments — the little things — that are the foundation for a heart-made life.

Today, I’m happy to offer you and your loved ones a carefully edited selection of deeply moisturizing, natural products made with the intentions of helping you slow down, nurture your body and celebrate your own tender moments.

Our family has big dreams for Rachel’s Plan Bee, and I’m proud to say that Little Ric is still the centerpiece of this growing business: my very best product tester and certainly my biggest fan.



Nurture yourself and see how you bloom.™

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