If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you know that we frequently mention that life is all about the little things.

This week we celebrated World Down Syndrome Day (3/21) which is a day to help raise awareness of what it means to have Down Syndrome and to talk about how knowing someone with Down Syndrome (or any other special needs) can have a huge impact on your life.

When our son was born with Down Syndrome, so many emotions filled our hearts in the first few years of his life. We were forced to take life a little slower and we were keenly aware of all his distinctive habits that allowed us to find joy even when things seemed so hard. In the background, my brain was going a hundred miles a minute to find ways to help him be normal.

But that is where I had it all wrong.

All along he was showing us his normal and he helped us understand that life doesn't have to be perfect to enjoy the little things. We came to understand that he was on a mission to help us capture the happiness in the monotony of our everyday lives even when things didn't seem to go as planned.

In the midst of creating soothing recipes for his very dry skin, I came to realize that knowing him had changed my life. I knew that he was creating a path for us to one day share all of this goodness with you. I hope that when you take time out to nurture your and your loved ones skin that a smile finds its way to your face and that you stop for a moment to take it all in.

Life happens in moments, not years. Celebrate those moments. Celebrate the little things.




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