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In early 2019, I took a trip to New York to brainstorm and collaborate with friends about all things RPB. I had been planning for some updates to the brand and the work done on that trip was the beginning of RPB’s transition to what it is today. 

A few months after that trip, we did a thing. With the help of some very dear friends and family, we gathered a group of women and shot the photos that reflect everything I want RPB to stand for ––relationships that are centered on love, kindness and a celebration of our differences that make us better human beings. 

While I had no clue of what 2020 would bring, the vision I had back in 2019 for the future of RPB was surprisingly the vision that 2020 would dictate. The common theme over the course of almost two years was that relationships are everything.

It took a pandemic and a social uprising to remind us all about the importance of relationships. Now more than ever we are called to be helpers. We crave and need a coming together to help one another every day, some days more than others. These challenging times call for pivots, adjustments and Plan Bs, but amidst all of the changes, these remain constant –– our need to be seen, to be heard and to be valued. 

Rachel’s Plan Bee strives to be one of the helpers.

  • Our small batch production allows us to focus on the little details that we hope brings happiness in the midst of uncertainty. 

  • Our creative process is centered on how you feel when you open a jar or bottle of our products. We hope that your favorite RPB scent brings back a good memory. 

  • Lastly, we will be regularly donating to causes that help others in times of need and support movements for change. Some of our recent donations can be found on our About Us page.
We are rediscovering our truth that self care is healthcare and that when we take better care of ourselves (mind & body), we are better able to care for others. 

Thank you to Maria, a model I met on that NYC trip who on a whim showed up to help us document how to get glowing skin! And a huge shout out to all the women (and man) that came together for a day I won’t soon forget. Thank you to our models Kim, Sandra, Bianca, Desireé, Monica, Abby and Alessia! A special thanks to our amazing team:

Clarissa Luna - Creative Director, Lead Makeup
Desireé Delia - Production
Christina Srisen - Makeup Assistant
Tania Quintanilla - Photography
Maurice Barrett - Videographer 
Bianca Castillo - Lead Hair Stylist
Jenna Caldwell - Hair Stylist Assistant
Cristina Bocanegra - Wardrobe Stylist

RPB is getting back to its roots – relationships matter and as my son with special needs taught me very early on, some of life’s best gifts are right in front of us. Don’t miss them. 


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