Rachel's Plan Bee Body Butter and Cocoa Cream are back!

Your feedback matters to us and we are excited to now offer some of our best selling products in glass jars!

These changes have been a long time coming. We know that you not only care about what's inside our jars but also about how our products are packaged. We've chosen to transition most* of our products into amber glass jars based on your feedback and we think you are going to love our new look!

And that brings me to the GOOD NEWS: 

Body Butter and Cocoa Cream season is finally here!

Why you will love these two seasonal products:

  • They melt on contact with warm skin.
  • No water in our formulas -- a little goes a long way!
  • No more dry skin.
    For best results, apply to damp, just-cleansed skin.
    Store at room temperature away from heat. Keep water out of the jar.

    What's the difference between our Body Butter and Cocoa Cream?

    • Our Cocoa Cream includes a large helping of unrefined cocoa butter and cocoa absolute for a delicious chocolate scent.
    • Our Body Butter is not as rich and thick as our Cocoa Cream, but both are great for dry skin. 

      Rachel's Plan Bee Cocoa Cream

    What's New:

    • now in beautiful amber glass jars
    • 10% more cream in our new 5.5 oz size
    • NEW Body Butter Scent:  SWEET PUMPKIN (available while supplies last now thru November)

    Wishing you a safe and restful weekend!

    P.S. Due to the nature of our Body Butters and the crazy Texas weather, we may hold a shipment back a day or two to ship on a cooler day. Fingers crossed for no more hot weather until Spring!

    *When products are likely to be used in a shower/tub, we will always safely house these products in recyclable plastic containers. Also, the packaging for our minis will remain the same.

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    Rachel's Plan Bee Sweet Pumpkin Body Butter
    Rachel's Plan Bee Original Body ButterRachel's Plan Bee Lavender Spirit Body Butter

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