There Is Beauty In Simplicity.
There is beauty in simplicity. The first time I heard that phrase, I probably brushed it off as a group of words that someone thought sounded good together. With the passing years, I have come to appreciate how the word simple is a code word for filtering out the noise in my life. 

Take time for simple pleasures -- the beauty lies in the details. Here are five simple things to help mute out the chaos and bring more beauty into your life:
  • grow your own flowers or pick some up at your local market 
  • drink your morning coffee or eat breakfast outdoors 
  • take a walk with your best friend in an unexplored area of town
  • bake your favorite dessert and share it with a neighbor
  • turn up your favorite music and have an impromptu dance party with your loved ones
Simple things, like the little things are sometimes the most important and beautiful things. Don't miss them.


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  • You and this moment is enough…smile.

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