Summer Skin Food

Summer Skin Food

Summer heat came early in Texas (April to be exact) and the higher temperatures are here to stay for the next several months. 
When the temps go up, our skin starts craving a little extra attention especially after any outdoor activities in the sun.

A favorite way to nourish our bodies during the summer heat is to add more fresh fruit into our diet. Melons, mangos, and berries are a wonderful way to keep our bodies hydrated while outdoors in the sun, but they also add in a healthy dose of vitamins and antioxidants for glowing skin.

But what about food on our face, like a fresh fruit mask? I LOVE fresh fruit masks for so many reasons, but the recipe I am sharing today is a nourishing after-sun treat that is quickly becoming my favorite way to mask this summer – Enjoy!

Wishing you a safe and restful weekend.



Cantaloupe & Honey Hydrating Fruit Mask

Rachel's Plan Bee Cantaloupe & Honey Hydrating Fruit MaskRachel's Plan Bee Cantaloupe & Honey Hydrating Fruit Mask

 This face mask is perfect to make and use after a day spent in the sun!

    • the scent is deliciously intoxicating

    • nourishes and hydrates post-sun skin

    • calms and soothes dry, parched skin

    I chose cantaloupe for its hydrating benefits and scent, but any melon will work!

    • a handful of cantaloupe chunks

    • a handful quick-cooking oats

    • a big spoon of honey 

    • puree all ingredients in a food processor until very smooth. This step is important as a chunky mixture will fall off your face. :)

    • apply a thin layer to your face (about a tablespoon) and leave on up to 10 minutes or more if you can stand it! 

    • best enjoyed while resting on your back and letting the mask work its magic

    • rinse off with warm water, blot dry and follow up with your favorite oil or cream to seal in the moisture

    • use the leftover mask mixture in a smoothie or use to make overnight oats :)

    • Note: This mask should not be made in large quantities as it will spoil even when refrigerated after a couple of days. Make it fresh and use it up!

    Enjoy and let me know how it goes!

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