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As we approach mid-April and Earth Day on April 22, our inboxes and social media feeds will soon be flooded with ways to celebrate this popular day that aims to highlight all the ways to honor Mother Earth.

For some of us, that means recycling every single last piece of trash and for others, it means buying products that are earth-friendly in terms of ingredients, packaging, etc. There are countless ways to make a difference on Earth Day and every day.

One of our favorite ways to celebrate Earth Day every single day is to find new ways to use products that we encounter in our daily life. Multitasking products that help us use less and not more is a big win for both our earth and our bodies. 

Do you have a favorite multitasking product? Today, I am sharing how to get the most from some of our best-selling, skin softening products.

Customers share product tips with us all the time and we would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below and tell me your story.

Have a wonderful weekend and be safe out there. And if you celebrate, Happy Passover and Easter!



Rachel's Plan Bee Body Polish


This is one of our most popular products during the warmer months because of its dual purpose -- exfoliator + moisturizer.

  • This blend of sugar, clay and shea butter is not your average body scrub.
  • Fine grains of sugar help you gently remove dead skin.
  • Oils and shea butter stay on your skin after rinsing for the perfect in-shower moisturizer. 
  • Other popular uses:
  • pre-shave ritual for soft legs
  • skin prep before a spray tan
  • daily hand softening treatment
  • take with you to your next pedicure

Rachel's Plan Bee Body Oil


This waterless moisturizer for all skin is a serious multitasker for your body. And don't forget that the moisture on your skin right after a shower plays a huge role in how products perform. Damp skin + your favorite moisturizer = soft, hydrated skin.

  • A body oil can easily replace a water-based lotion in your body care routine when applied to damp skin.
  • A little of our formula goes a long way and leaves a non-greasy finish so that you can get dressed and be on your way.
  • Other popular uses:
  • pre-shave oil
  • scalp moisturizer
  • belly oil
  • body massage oil
  • light body fragrance
  • bath oil

Rachel's Plan Bee Bee Cream


After you exfoliate and add moisture, our Bee Cream can help your hands and other areas prone to dryness seal in the moisture. 

  • Shea butter, many botanical oils, and natural waxes – all of these deliver on their promise to help keep moisture in and dryness out. 
  • Apply to just washed hands (avoid water in your jar!) and massage it in -- don't skip the cuticles!
  • Other popular uses:
  • softens other dry areas (knees, heels, and elbows) 
  • a teeny tiny amount will smooth out flyaway hair
  • emergency lip softener
  • brow tamer
  • add it to your manicure ritual
  • and last, but not least -- does someone in your life fancy a beard? It's been known to be a fantastic beard balm. A little goes a long way. :)

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