Any time of the year is a good time for start a body care ritual, but in the spring, our skin is begging for a little extra help in scrubbing away winter.

Three Reasons To Start Your Body Care Ritual Now

  1. After several months of exposure to dry, cold wind, our skin needs a little extra help sloughing off the dead skin that can build up over winter. 
  2. Sugar scrubs, especially when used in the morning can be very invigorating to the skin and can give us a little extra boost of energy that is perfect for spring time.
  3. Our skin will better absorb all of our favorite moisturizers when our skin is exfoliated. Whether you use a dry brush, pumice stone or a body polish, gentle regular exfoliation can reveal a fresh new layer of skin that will gladly and willingly soak up all of your oils, butters and creams leaving you with soft skin.
Thank you for being here. I hope springtime weather is on its way to you soon. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


P.S. Your skin + a body polish = Clean Slate. Want to read more about exfoliation? A few years ago, I shared why springtime is the perfect time to begin a body scrub ritual. 

Rachel's Plan Bee Body Polish
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