Have you ever had an intuition about something just minutes before it happened?


Last December, a late night email came in with the subject line “I have an idea”. I remember reading it and thinking to myself “I wonder if she and I have the same idea?”

And that is how the story began of the collaboration with Kim of kimberlyloc.com to create our new Limited Edition jasmine-infused body oil.

I have always been one to blend oils based on numbers and percentages that literally pop into my head. I keep paper and pen at my bedside to write down blend ideas that sometimes present themselves without warning. With this collaboration, the blend didn’t come so easily. Although we knew in the beginning that jasmine would be the star player, I admittedly was worried because floral blends were not my muse.

And then it happened. After my first few sniffs of jasmine from different countries, I fell hard for this flower oil!

Mailing Kim numbered blends to get her thoughts was one of my favorite parts of this entire process. We took notes, listened to each other’s feedback and mixed oils for months until our blend captured a nice balance of both Kim’s and my favorite oils. Sixteen blends made the cut. I remember her subject line in the email after she received the final shipment of blends --“I think we have a winner!” And the winner was #12 with two others competing for second place.

This collaboration has revealed and reinforced some important lessons for me.

  • Always be open to the insights of others despite your inclination to think you have it all figured out.
  • Meaningful work can be accomplished when you set an intention to create something that will bring joy to others.
  • And finally, remember to enjoy the little things.
The beautiful scent of jasmine for me is one of those little things and if not for this special collaboration with Kim, I might have missed it!


So from the start, we were an unlikely pair – a girl on the hunt for a special jasmine-infused body oil and a maker trying to pretend she liked floral oils!

I hope you enjoy this oil as much as Kim and I enjoyed creating it for you!


What scents do your enjoy in your body care products? Do you love jasmine? If you have tried this body oil, I would love to have your feedback. Tell me more in the comments section.





In case you missed it, Kim shared her story of this collaboration on her blog that features
a great description of the wonderful ingredients in this body oil.


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