Rachel's Plan Bee Holiday Stress Relieving Tips
It's often said that December is the most wonderful time of the year. For many of us, it's also a stressful time. Daily stress can compound itself and make our body feel like it's in overdrive.
Here are a few tips to lessen the hustle and bustle and encourage more peace and happiness.

Fluids, fluids, fluids - staying hydrated with fresh clean water, juices and soups can make a huge difference in your energy level and mental clarity.
Avoiding excessive caffeine (which serves as a diuretic) can decrease your risk of dehydration and prevent sharp fluctuations in your energy levels.

Taking a long walk in the midst of a busy, hectic day can help you "reset" your brain and body and help relieve a stress.

Diffuse your favorite essential oils in your home to help boost your mood and decrease tension. Orange, peppermint, lavender, jasmine or Roman chamomile are great choices. Check your diffuser instructions for suggested essential oil amounts.

Finally, a warm bath with a small amount of your favorite bath/body oil seems to do the trick for many people. Baths are often a forgotten pleasure, but can be one of the easiest and best things you can do to escape the stress that sometimes comes with the holiday season.

I hope that wherever you find yourself this December, that you are able to take a few moments to nurture yourself and slow down to enjoy the little things.

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