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It's been a mild winter so far here in Central Texas, but despite the warmer than normal temperatures, a change in weather can affect the barrier function of our skin. Whether you are living in a warm climate or a place experiencing frigid temperatures, simple daily self-care routines will help stave off dry skin. Consistency is key, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Less is more.

A Recipe for Happy Skin: Exfoliate + Moisturize + Protect

Our skin contains approximately 30% water with the outermost layer assisting in the prevention of water loss. Exposure to dry heat / indoor air during the winter, bathing in very hot water and using certain types of soap that are void of naturally occurring glycerin, all are major contributors to dry skin. Less talked about causes of dry skin are various medical conditions and certain medications.

So what are we to do? Regular gentle exfoliation will not only slough away dead skin cells, but also enhance the skin's ability to absorb a moisturizer. Products that prevent transepidermal water loss by enhancing our skin's barrier function can be very effective in keeping dry skin away. For example, shea butter applied to the skin adds another layer of protection from cold wind and indoor heated air during the winter months. Moisturized skin is happy skin and that's what we are all about at Rachel's Plan Bee.

Let's make 2016 the year to take time out and nurture our skin.




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