Our Mission, Promise & Philosophy


We are a small family business on a mission to make your skin happy.

We create products using honest, natural and pure ingredients infused with joy and compassion to inspire self-love and acceptance. Our focus from the beginning has been to seek out the best natural, organic, wild crafted, fair trade and minimally processed ingredients to include in our products.

We strive to listen more and continuously improve the customer experience. It's all about doing work that we love, sharing it with you and revealing the inner beauty found in all of us. We invite you to come with us on this journey and if along the way you embrace a body care ritual that enhances your natural beauty, encourages you to take time out to nurture yourself and makes you smile, then our mission is accomplished. 



  • We do not test on animals, only willing humans.
  • Our product recipes are meticulously created to be free of the following ingredients:

    • parabens
    • petrochemicals
    • artificial colors
    • artificial fragrances
    • phthalates
    • gluten
  • We will always list the entire ingredient label for our products on our website so that you can make an informed choice before you purchase our products.
  • We promise to never stop learning -- the more we know, the better understanding we have of what your skin needs.



  • We believe that taking care of our skin begins with a wholesome diet, fresh clean water, lots of laughter, a good night's rest and simple nourishing ingredients found in nature.

  • We believe that less is more when choosing what to include in our products.  Simple effective ingredients and nothing more....well, maybe a little wish for happy skin.

  • Our life has taught us that it doesn't have to be perfect to enjoy the little things. Taking a warm bath, giving our dog a belly rub or making a cake from scratch on a lazy Sunday afternoon are some of life's simple pleasures.

  • Our heart tells us that we are more alike than we are different and that we all have something to contribute to this world - every single one of us!

  • We believe that laughter is a serious mood booster and we do lots of it here -- all day, every day.  We don't take ourselves too seriously and have stories a mile long of daily life occurrences that bring us back to what's important.  Psst...it really is all about the little things.

  • We think giving back is more important than getting stuff in life.  As our company grows, look for ways to join us in helping causes that we hold close to our heart.

  • Finally, we believe that every single day holds the promise of a new beginning, an opportunity to laugh out loud and to live life with purpose even when things don't seem to go as planned. 


Welcome to Rachel's Plan Bee.  We are happy that you are here!




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