Hi there! How are you? Are you laboring this long holiday weekend? 

First of all, I want to thank each of you for all the support and love you sent our way during our 6th Birthday last month -- You are the BEST!

Now back to reality. Where has our summer gone? The calendar today says fall (hello September), the TV says fall (hello college football), but the weather still says SUMMER here in Texas. I'm totally jealous of anyone out there that's already experiencing cool mornings and mild evenings in terms of temperature. Please send all of it our way!

Speaking of weather, as it changes, so does our skin, but not for all of us!  When I refer to skin, I mean face and body –– it's all skin. Today, I want to briefly talk about our intuition as it relates to our skin. To put it plainly, don't get caught up in the hype that the seasons determine what type of product you should be using on your skin.

Fortunately, our intuition can help us decide what our skin needs and all types of things like the weather, health status, genetics, and just everyday makeup, etc. will affect how we might tweak our skincare rituals.

Here are a few tips to help us get more in tune with what our skin is telling us:

  • For the skin on our face, if possible, go completely make-up free for a few days in a row to evaluate your skin status. A great time to do this is on a weekend.

    This type of reset alone can do wonders for our skin. And I find that this is the best way to intuitively know what my skin needs. Sometimes it's just more makeup-free days! :) 

    Make-up free days are also a great day to try a new mask, serum or cream -- one at a time that is :) so that we can get a true feel for how a particular product is working for us. 
  • For the skin on our body, skip one day of your daily body care ritual to get a good handle on what your skin is telling you. 

    Our legs and arms get the most exposure to indoor/outdoor air, etc. and for some of us, humidity levels and not just the season are what might affect our skin most of all.

    For others, dry skin may linger no matter what and we may only really notice with an occasional day of "fasting" in our usual body care routine.
  • Change things up after your day of doing without your usual makeup/body care routine. For example, instead of body lotion, try a body oil right out of the shower. Take note of the differences.
The reason all of this matters is simple. What works for one person, may not work for another and getting to that place where we drown out all the chatter on when and how we must change up what we do to care for our skin is important. 

You do you. Listen to your skin. Be open to trying new things while respecting these simple things:
  • sometimes less is more
  • sometimes a reset like mentioned above is a great way to see what our skin is craving
  • all the skincare in the world cannot replace nourishing our bodies from the inside out –– hearts included!  XO
I can't wait to share more. Have a great rest of your weekend! Be safe out there!

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